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What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage. Its intention is to relax the whole body, and is ideal for relieving both physical and emotional stress. This type of massage is lighter in touch than other forms of bodywork and combines lotion with an array of strokes on the more superficial muscle layers. The movements and pressure involved in a swedish massage affect all systems in the body including muscles and ligaments, as well as nerves and even glands. Whether its your first time, or you just need to relax, swedish massage is a great way to start.

What is a Deep tissue/Myofascial release?
Over the years, Austin’s deep tissue massage has greatly evolved with the incorporation of myofascial release techniques. With the interweaving of these two approaches, the sessions achieve their full therapeutic value by becoming more focused and by moving at a slower pace. In this type of bodywork, the use of lotions/oils is very minimal, which enables Austin to grip and work with the deeper muscle layers. During the session, there is less emphasis on pleasure and more emphasis on improving posture/structure and finding and releasing muscle restrictions. Ideally, this type of massage is not painful and can be very nurturing. However, open communication is crucial to ensure that therapeutically beneficial discomfort doesn’t cross the line into pain.

What is a Sports Massage?
Sports massage is an important part of any training program and is extremely beneficial as it addresses both an athlete’s physical and psychological well-being. This type of work prepares an athlete for their best performance, including both pre-event and/or post-event sessions. Pre-event massage focuses on warming up and stimulating the muscles and nerves as well as improving tissue pliability. Post-event massage is focused on reducing muscle spasms and flushing metabolic build up that may occur during performance. Integrated into a weekly regimen, athletes may greatly improve flexibility, mobility, and response time as well as avoid delayed onset muscle soreness(DOMS).